Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Open Letter to GHMC on Hyderabad damaged Roads from - ‎Suresh Goud Matta‎

Every year just the ,GHMC/ Hyderabad city/150 Corporator Wards/ budget is almost 4000+ crores. This is excluding the funds allocated by state and central government for various schemes in Hyderabad. 
So for past 10 years we have around 40000+ crores for a city of 1 crore people, 250 square miles...
Where is the money going? When it rains its almost a swimming pool (plus the garbage, polluted water). Roads are the worst (you agree?) in comparision to any developed city. 
Why? When we elect our MP/MLA/Corporator we dont see that these are the representatives that has to have a vision in development. Half the educated class doesn't participate in voting. The other half who participate either are bought by "bottle/biryani", as they say in India we "vote our caste" not "cast our vote". Half or even or even more of the elected representatives hardly have any idea on civic infrastructure.
Whom should we blame now....isn't it "we the people" ?

Suresh Goud Matta 

Open Letter to Telangana CM KCR. From - ‎Paibonu Kumar‎

Dear Honorable Chief Minister ( Elected by Public)
Please tell the public where is BANGARU TELANGANA?
1) Most of the Sulabh toilets constructed are locked or unused? Why public funds been misused sir?
2) Roads in many places of Hyderabad are with pot holes/damaged roads. Due to no repair works, holes, uneven roads, we are getting spine injuries and spending lakhs of money to doctors, scanning and for surgery. Ref Gangadhara Tilak Katnam
Why you give contract for companies that give no quality sir???
3) No proper water supply in many places. No care taken in most of the areas. Why no sprays for dengue in many areas? What are our officials doing sir?
4) Road diversions in many places for years now. Due to long distance of 'U' turns, people driving in wrong direction and causing panic to pedestrians and other public? Why no action taken sir?
5) All bikes & Cars parked at the places where it says 'NO PARKING' Fine upto Rs1,000 if parked in 100 meters etc. If you cant provide parking place and take proper precaution/road way to fire accidents, why do you fine public?
Sir, Public funds need to be used in a proper way and being elected by public with trust, please address the issues as people loosing trust on leadership. Lot of scams, misuse of public funds, social issues are addressed by our paper & electronic media everyday.
If you atleast order your officials to close those items , i am sure we can bring BANGARU TELANGANA. ( Not sure what is the best way to address these issues, so using social media to reach you. Apologies for causing inconvenience. Thank you sir)

Paibonu Kumar