Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Open Letter to GHMC on Hyderabad damaged Roads from - ‎Suresh Goud Matta‎

Every year just the ,GHMC/ Hyderabad city/150 Corporator Wards/ budget is almost 4000+ crores. This is excluding the funds allocated by state and central government for various schemes in Hyderabad. 
So for past 10 years we have around 40000+ crores for a city of 1 crore people, 250 square miles...
Where is the money going? When it rains its almost a swimming pool (plus the garbage, polluted water). Roads are the worst (you agree?) in comparision to any developed city. 
Why? When we elect our MP/MLA/Corporator we dont see that these are the representatives that has to have a vision in development. Half the educated class doesn't participate in voting. The other half who participate either are bought by "bottle/biryani", as they say in India we "vote our caste" not "cast our vote". Half or even or even more of the elected representatives hardly have any idea on civic infrastructure.
Whom should we blame now....isn't it "we the people" ?

Suresh Goud Matta 

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